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The Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries (NHO Byggenæringen) is a business and employer policy organization for companies in the construction industry. We are an umbrella organization for 13 industries and have more than 3,600 member companies with more than 75,000 employees. NHO Byggenæringen was established in 1997 and is currently the third largest association in The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

We organize both manufacturing companies, plumbers, carpenters, landscape gardeners, masons, painters and entrepreneurs.

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise

NHo Byggenæringen is also member of the The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). 

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (in Norwegian Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon; NHO) is Norway's major organisation for employers and the leading business lobby. Our current membership of 33,000 companies range from small family-owned businesses to multinational companies in most sectors, with over 700 000 employees.

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise – NHO - is the leading voice of business and industry in Norway. Having expert knowledge and an extensive business network, the NHO plays an important and constructive role in the Norwegian society.

Our main objective is to create and sustain conditions that secure the competitiveness and profitability of business and industry, and thereby maintain the basis for a good standard of living, sound economic growth and sustainable development.


The building and construction industries in Norway

The building and construction sector comprises the construction and maintenance of houses and commercial buildings, and the development of roads, airports and facilities related to defence, energy, oil, gas, railways and tramlines. This sector contains many small companies. The large companies account for a smaller share of the construction output in Norway that in other countries. However, building contractors are constantly restructuring,. The public sector, through the local authorities and the Public Roads Administration, also stand for a considerable share of the activities in the building and construction sector.

The building and construction industry is extremely sensitive to fluctuations in the market, and is often the industry that registers the first signs of major changes in the economy. This industry accounts for a considerable share of the total energy and materials consumed in Norway, and generates a correspondingly large share of its overall waste. An increased focus on the lifetime of buildings, such as management, operations, maintenance and development, has given rise to new business areas.